25 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for Every Budget

Your dearly beloved are getting married, and you want to show them your undivided support by getting them a wedding gift that will either:

  • Make their jaws drop or
  • Make their hearts melt (but preferably - both!).

Something that's heartfelt and thoughtful, perhaps a bit quirky, but also practical and with meaning. No less important - the present should fit your budget.

To guide you in the quest for the ultimate wedding gift, we've compiled this list of 25 unique and creative wedding gift ideas for every taste - and every budget.


  1. Grow a plant
be-with wedding gift guide meaningful gifts

Getting the happy couple a green wedding gift combines the best of both worlds - it's inexpensive and it's something that will last (when properly tended to).

Marketing professional Hannah Rowe who's given plants as wedding gifts explains: “It shows that you've put time and effort into it, and if they can keep it going, it will be a perpetual reminder of their happy day,” she says.

However, it might not be such a good idea if you're giving the gift to someone who might forget to water their plants. Keeping that in mind, opt for plants that last longer to symbolize the happy couple's relationship. Options like jade, philodendron, peace lily, ficus, or bonsai trees will last for many years.

Price: Plants starting at €10 + a custom-made wedding pot starting at €18.50

  1. Personalized star map
Be-with weddign gift guide

Image source: Michelle McGrady Photography

Chris Martin from Coldplay once encouraged lovers to “look at the stars, look how they shine for you”. While you probably won't be able to get Chris to come sing at the wedding, you can have the wedding day encapsulated in a personalized star map.

The “Under Lucky Stars” map is beautifully crafted and shows the unique alignment of the stars at a date and place of your picking - in this case, the wedding day and location. You can adjust the title and the footnote for a final personal touch.

Price: Starting from €40

  1. Themed gift basket
Be-with Wedding gift guide

Creative and personalized themed baskets make lovely DIY wedding gifts and show that you really put thought into the surprise.

Start by figuring out what's the theme that defines the happy couple. Are they both fans of the hit TV series 'Vikings'? Are they enthusiastic mountain climbers? Or do they both simply love Italian cuisine?

Then fill the basket with goodies like books, clothing and food items, spices, wine, and more that associate with the theme.

Price: Depends on the content, but will cost starting from €20-€30

  1. Engraved chopping board
Be-with Wedding gift guide

Image source: Hugo's Workshop

With plenty of takeout food options and services like Uber Eats available, it's really easy to forget why we even bother to cook at home. However, science confirms that cooking with your partner helps to build a stable partnership and can even increase your partner's attractiveness factor.

So why not get the newly weds something to motivate their adventures in the kitchen? Like an engraved oak chopping board that can be used while cooking or when serving cheese, bread, and other delicious goodies. Personalize it with a sincere message engraved in your own handwriting. Cheers to cooking with love!

Price: Starting from €35

  1. Honeymoon notebook
Be-with Wedding gift guide

Image source: Norma & Dorothy

After the unforgettable wedding day, comes the wonderful honeymoon. With long walks on the beach or hikes in the mountains, staying up late, and enjoying each other's company, it's really a special time for the newly married couple. Is there any way to make it last longer? Definitely - by taking notes of the honeymoon memories.  

Similarly to a photo album, this personalized foiled honeymoon memory book will keep all those precious vacation moments collected neatly in one place and will take the newlyweds (and after a while, their kids and grandkids even) down memory lane anytime they thumb through the notebook's pages.

Price: Starting from €29

  1. Personalized heart map
Be-with Wedding gift guide

Image source: Etsy

Here's the thing with art prints and wall art. As affordable (and visually appealing) gifts as they make, home decor of all sorts can end up collecting dust in the basement if your taste doesn't coincide with the couple's.

If you still want to gift them something to compliment their interior, opt for both an ascetic and aesthetic choice - like this handmade framed heart map.

The map shows any special location of your choice - so you can pick anything from the couple's current living location to the place of their engagement or wedding. You can even combine several maps in one artwork (for example, the location where the couple met, where they got engaged, and where they said “I do” to each other).

Price: Starting from €36.


  1. Be-with hug-enhancing clothing
Be-with Wedding gift guide

Did you know that hugs and touches are essential to building a strong, lasting relationship and can help maintain a successful marriage? Research shows that the reciprocity of touch increases intimacy and satisfaction, as well as fosters the bond between two people.


be-with - clothing for hugs. Linen and cotton dresses, bamboo and GOTS t-shirts.

Be-with couples' clothing is the perfect gift to encourage touches on a daily basis. The comfy cotton fleece clothing has symmetric secret openings at the back to make it easier to hug and touch no matter what's stage of relationship the couple's in. A great pick for newlyweds to help them keep that fire burning until their golden wedding anniversary and longer.

Price: “Hold me” sweater set - €99

  1. Custom Settlers of Catan board
Be-with Wedding gift guide

Image source: Etsy

Did you know that playing board games is not only fun, but is also proven to reduce stress? Board games also help with memory formation and train your cognitive skills. On the top of it all, playing board games is an excellent way for the whole family to get together and strengthen their bond.

If you're thinking of getting the happy couple a board game, consider the super addictive and entertaining Settlers of Catan and pair it with this custom game board hand-made out of birch plywood. It will last a lifetime and can be passed onto the next generations.

Price: €73 (+ €35 if you need to gift the actual game as well)

  1. Personalized recipe book
Be-with Wedding gift guide

Image source: Etsy

When it comes to sentimental value and heritage, nothing compares to a family cookbook that's filled with cherished recipes from previous generations - including grandma's cherry pie or aunt Nellie's cinnamon buns that taste especially good during Christmas time.

Help the new family start their own family cookbook by giving them a very special gift - a personalized recipe book binder that will help them store all their favorite recipes in one place. This cookbook is made from environmentally friendly materials with a non-toxic water-based coating and can be personalized with the couple's family name or inscription on the cover and the spine.

Price: €55

  1. Coffee maker
Be-with Wedding gift guide

Image source: Cnet

Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world with more than 400 billion cups consumed each year. Are the newlyweds coffee lovers, too? While you probably won't hire a personal full beard hipster barista to quench their thirst, you can give them the gift of a premium coffee maker that will brew the dark brown deliciousness every morning like nobody's business.

For example, the Bonavita Connoisseur is a top rated coffee maker that will brew an 8-cup batch of top-notch coffee in about 6 minutes and keep it hot in its thermal stainless steel carafe for those long newlywed weekend brunches.

Price: €95

  1. Soundwave print of their favorite song

Be-with Wedding gift guide

Image source: Etsy

Do a little bit of digging around and find out what song the couple will be dancing their first dance to. It definitely means a lot to them, so - why not turn that song into a piece of art that they can enjoy in their home?

You can do that with this custom soundwave artwork that visualizes the audio of a song as a graph of sound amplitude (loudness) over time. The artwork is very unique and is printed on thick, durable matte paper. If this doesn't make an effective wedding gift for music lovers and musicians, we don't know what will.

Price: €60


  1. Couples spa treatment and massages

Be-with Wedding gift guide

To make the honeymoon phase last a bit longer, gift the new Mr. and Mrs. something they can experience and indulge in together - and day at the spa!

Spa treatments for couples and duo massages are not only romantic and intimate, they're super relaxing and will set their mind at ease long after the spa session has ended.

Depending on the spa, a couple's massage can include soothing music, aromatherapy, and candle lighting. A day package at the spa can include massages, beauty treatments, saunas, pools, and more.

Price: Approximately €70-€140 for a 60-minute massage. Full day at the spa for two persons will cost starting from €230.

  1. Sleeping bag for two

Be-with Wedding gift guide

Image source: Smarter Travel

If the people getting married are the outdoorsy type, get them something that will revolutionize their camping experience - like a sleeping bag built for two!

For example, this Tru.Comfort Doublewide bag provides contact with bae, yet controls the overall temperature. It's wider than a standard double sleeping bag and even comes with a hood that functions as pillows, two personal snuggle blankets and… wait for it.. a foot vent! Whoever said that camping can't feel like sleeping in your own king size bed?

Price: €160

  1. Waffle maker

Be-with Wedding gift guide

Image source: All Clad

Make sure they kick their mornings off with the ultimate breakfast food - waffles! Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and with endless topping possibilities, waffles really do make a delicious weekend meal and dessert for kids and adults alike. No wonder the Belgians made them their national food - it's because everyone loves waffles so much!

With plenty of different waffle makers out there, it's easy to get overwhelmed with the choices. Here's a guide that will help you navigate between the basic and more advanced models. If you want to get something that lasts, this All-Clad stainless steel waffle maker will prove to be a classic gift that's worth your money.  

Price: €117 (simpler models starting at €15)

  1. Personalized illustration

Be-with Wedding gift guide

Image source: Etsy

With 27 seasons and counting, the Simpsons is the longest-running scripted series in the history of American primetime television. No wonder the show has gained millions of fans around the world. If the future Mr. and Mrs. are among them, this Simpsons-themed personalized illustration will make the perfect gift!

With the help of photos and descriptions (provided by you), the artist will encapsulate the couple in question in an illustration that looks just like one of the scenes set in Springfield.

Take note that the illustration is digital (you'll receive printable high-resolution files), so you'll have to print it yourself.

Price: €182

  1. A set of bathrobes
Be-with Wedding gift guide

Image source: Michael Hession

Here's the thing - a great robe will not only make the person wearing it warm or help cover up. It will also make their morning routine that much more pleasant. So, basically what you're gifting here is not just a plush piece of clothing. It's the luxury of well-spent time together.

Take note that robes come in all different shapes, sizes, materials, and textures. Some bathrobes are light and thin, more suited to be worn during summertime. Other spa-style robes are perfect for chilly winter evenings.

Whichever choice you pick, a matching set of high-quality robes will make a pampering wedding gift for any newlyweds.

Price: Two high-quality robes will cost anywhere between €100-€300.

  1. Layflat photo album
Be-with Wedding gift guide

Image source: Artifact Uprising

There will be so many cherished moments to remember and relive after the wedding and the honeymoon, it's essential to keep them all collected in an heirloom quality photo album that will stay in the family for generations to come.

This elegant Wedding Layflat Photo Album is renowned for its premium fabric colors and ultra-thick pages that will lay flat when the album is open. Choose one of the wedding-themed cover layouts with custom foil stamping.

Then complete the gift set with a handcrafted wood box that can be used to store the album alongside any other wedding memorabilia, like dried flowers and wedding programs, and a handwritten card from you wishing the happy couple many decades of happiness together.

Price: €125

  1. Pushpin travel map
Be-with Wedding gift guide

Image source: Uncommong goods

“The honeymoon is actually just the beginning” - that's what you can tell the happy couple when gifting them this vintage-inspired world travel map that marks out their adventures with pushpins.

The map is personalized with the couple's names and wedding date and is framed and mounted on sturdy foam core. It comes with 100 black pins to mark hometowns, honeymoon spots, as well as favorite vacation destinations. A very artsy and sentimental present to inspire the newlyweds celebrate their traveling as a twosome.

Price: €133

  1. Portable picnic table-tote

Be-with Wedding gift guide

Image source: Uncommon goods

You heard that right. It's a picnic table that folds up into a carrier or tote to carry baguettes, cheese, and of course wine with you.

This picnic table is made from beautiful cherry wood, handcrafted in Jacksonville, Oregon, and is engraved with the new family name and the wedding date. A sweet gift for the newly married couple who appreciates a meal in fresh air. All they need to do - pack up their spread, then turn their tote into a table, and then kick back.

Due to the fact that the table is handmade, each item is unique - and doesn't that make it more special and one-of-a-kind?

Price: €133


  1. Tandem bike
Be-with Wedding gift guide

Is the happy couple a fan of cycling? Get them a tandem bike - the perfect mix of silliness, fun, and exercising! Learning to ride in sync will take a certain amount of practice and require both riders to hone their communication skills and trust each other.

Tandem riding is the ideal type of cycling if you want to maintain conversation with your sidekick and if you want to keep an even pace with someone with a different skill level. It will also be a great activity that the newlyweds can add to their next road trip. Read this extensive guide on best two-seater bikes to choose the right one.

Price: Starting from €385 to €7000

  1. A set of luggage

Be-with Wedding gift guide

Image source: Away Travel

If you're often on the road and traveling, it will be no secret how important durable luggage is. It doesn't matter whether it's a long trip or just a quick getaway - wiggly wheels, broken zippers, and not enough storage space can easily spoil the mood of any traveler.

If the couple in question is also passionate about traveling, getting them a set of matching, reliable luggage will be the perfect way to kick off their newlywed's honeymoon trip. Away makes premium luggage for the modern travelers that's lightweight and has even been named “the perfect travel suitcase”.

For a more personalized touch, get custom luggage tags with the couple's names and the wedding date on them. These leather, hand-crafted tags are truly timeless and will last for many years (and trips) to come.

Price: €475 per set + tags €42

  1. iRobot Roomba
Be-with Wedding gift guide

Image source: TechHive

Is it possible to get the happy couple the gift of time? With iRobot Roomba it is! The little vacuuming robot will make a convenient gift for the tech-savvy and gadget-loving couples and will be a great help around the house, giving them spare time to do whatever they like rather than doing chores.

The compact, computerized vacuum cleaner will guide itself around their home and pick up dirt and pet hair. And even if you think they'll be sceptical, most people are easily surprised at how effective Roomba can actually be.

Price: Starting at €330


  1. Airline giftcard
Be-with Wedding gift guide

Traveling together with your better half is one of those exciting, eye-opening and gratifying things that we all wish we could enjoy more of on a daily basis. So, why not treat your favorite couple that's about to be married to a trip? No need to risk booking flights they will never take - give them an airline gift card instead.

For example, Flightgiftcard works just like a regular gift card, but it looks like a plane ticket and works with 300 major airlines worldwide. All that's left to do for the receiver is - pick a flight to any of the 70 destination countries, book it, and enjoy the adventure.

Price: Starting from €25 to €10000

  1. AirBNB gift card
Be-with Wedding gift guide

Image source: Giftcards

Give the happy couple the gift of adventure - get them an AirBNB gift card to cover the expenses for their next luxurious suite or secluded holiday cottage. This kind of gift is easy to use (available in both digital and physical form) and is really practical, as the couple can choose their dream accomodation. Also, AirBNB gift cards don't expire, so the newlyweds can take time planning their next unforgettable trip.

There is a little bit of a downside though. At the moment, AirBNB gift cards can only be purchased in US Dollars by individuals in the US.

Price: from €25 to €500

  1. Cash
Be-with Wedding gift guide

Image source: Saving Advice

Giving cash as a wedding gift is completely acceptable, and some couples even prefer it. Money as a wedding gift can replace buying something off of a registry, or even contribute to the honeymoon fund. However, you shouldn't just hand over an envelope or a bag of cash without an explanation as seen on “The Godfather” thinking that the couple will understand your gesture.

Instead, make it more personal and be sure to include a note to tell the couple who the gift is from. You can add a little bit of fun and creativity - do some cash origami or turn the money into a framed artwork.

Price: On average, most guests spend between €60 and €120 on wedding gift money, but if you're feeling more generous - go for it!

Thank you for reading and hope you found some new ideas!

Tell me what you think!

Yours, Anna



P.S. Check out be-with - clothing for hugs that I have created and people have found to be a great and unique wedding gift :)


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