Here are gift ideas for your special someone on your anniversary, wedding day or just any day when you want to make someone feel loved and appreciated! All be-with clothing items have secret passages for warm touches of love at the back.
Read here on why be-with clothing is so exceptional!
Being together feels really good, we know it! But it can be even better with be-with clothing for warm touches.
Gift for your relationship Anniversary Wedding or His or Her Birthday

Best Gift for Her:

Skew cardigan

This cotton fleece cardigan has a clean silhouette and side seam pocket, asymmetric front and "fin" detail at the back that hides secret passage for warm touches. It has hidden front snap buttons and decorative one at the back detail and top-front. 

Best Gift for Him:

His Long sleeve top

This eco certified bamboo jersey long sleeve top has two secret passages at the back for warm touches of love. This top is super-nice to touch and wear, it has comfortable fit, long sleeves and a round neckline. 
Comes in two basic colors: black, white. 


Sets for both with special prices:

These special touch-through designer clothing Sets are amazing wedding and anniversary gifts. Each garment has two symmetric passages for touches at the back. Tops for women are made from extra soft Micro-modal fabric and tops for him are made from organic bamboo. 



Special packaging for gifts

We will take care of wrapping your items as a gift in one of our signature boxes - bigger box for sweaters, dresses and cardigans and smaller box for lightweight garments such as T-shirts and Long sleeve tops. We also offer adding your personalised message.


Each garment has a removable sticker pointing to a place where the passage for touches is, and is folded around a card with a message which can be used as a greeting card. All the necessary information about the product and idea behind it is written in the tag attached to the clothing.