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Hugs are essential for a stronger relationship. Our shirts, dresses and sweaters are designed for hugs.

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Embody Your Own Sensuality

Embody Your Own Sensuality

Becoming more sensual within your own skin is a beautiful thing. There's a whole world of senses and feelings to explore and pleasures to hone in o...
Neuroscience of Hugs on the International Hugs Day :)

Neuroscience of Hugs on the International Hugs Day :)

Science is only beginning to understand how and why we hug. We all need a hug sometimes. There are few places where this is more evident than th...
35 Winter Date Ideas

35 Winter Date Ideas

Winter is here! 🤗❄️And I especially love it between the holidays. The troubles of preparing for Christmas and making the family happy are all be...

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Clothing for hugs

the most meaningful gift for your loved ones

Touch-through clothing

innovative secret passages for loving skin-on-skin touches

couple chemistry

long term relationships need the bonding hormone Oxytocin, simple touches release this hormone


strengthen relationships, release the bonding hormone Oxytocin and make us more confident, happier and healthier