Hugs make us happier, healthier and strengthen our relationships

We make clothing designed for hugging your close ones. Feel the warmth of their body as you hold them.

Why we all need at least 8 hugs a day?

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Get those hugs rolling!

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The perfect wedding present

"Be-with clothing is the perfect wedding present - original and so full of love! When two of my favourite people decided to get married, there was no hesitation about the wedding gift, it had to be be-with his and hers jumpers! The couple found the present very touching and extremely cosy. As far as I heard, the jumpers were the first thing they put on on their first morning as newly-weds and they keep wearing them happily ever after."

-Kristina Mazurenko

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An irreplaceable travel companion

"The be-with Cardigan is my favourite business travel attire, nothing matches the combination "comfortable and smart" better. I can wear it on the flight and go directly to my meetings. It is both warm and classy, which suits a Nordic business lady so perfectly." 

- Maija Kale

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The special dress

"Few dresses are special. That one, that your husband buys as an exceptional present. And you feel loved so much. That one, that you try and it fits like made for you. And you feel strong. Be loved, be brave, be-with."

- Zita Bindare

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Clothing for hugs

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long term relationships need the bonding hormone Oxytocin, simple touches release this hormone


strengthen relationships, release the bonding hormone Oxytocin and make us more confident, happier and healthier