Focus on sustainability

Our focus is on sustainable and excessively comfortable fabrics, in search of eco-friendly and skin-friendly fibers we have come across several of those and our favourites are featured in the first collection.

Eco-certified bamboo

be-with clothing for hugs eco-bamboo t-shirt

This eco-certified bamboo fabric has taken us by storm – we love its luxurious softness, smooth hand and gentle drape, and we also love its eco credentials. Knitted in a local eco-certified production house, which is following through the origins of the fibre. We just love it and have chosen it to represent our "Be-with Him" collection, due to its multiple qualities and being manly enough for any man!

Warm and soft - cotton fleece

Our sweaters, cardigans, tunic and warm dresses are created to feel like home, but look like business. You will feel warm and cozy as if you were wearing your favorite laid back hoodie, but will be good to go out for dinner, theater or a meeting with your client!

Best gift for him, eco-certified bamboo t-shirt

Silky & soft Modal

Soft breathable modal fabric for gifts and touches

This beautiful fabric has a smooth lustrous finish and is perfect for our Dresses. Modal is spun out of wood pulp from beech tree chips, which makes it a breathable fabric and it does not trap perspiration. In composition with polyester modal becomes extremely hard-wearing and keeps its shape and finish, even after frequent washing. It drapes well, is very soft and resists creasing.


gift for her and your relationship soft t-shirt for touch

If we could fall in love with any fabric, it would be Micro-modal®. This super fine fabric created from intensely soft fiber has a sensuous drape and silhouette that perfectly complements our "be-with her" line.

Made from sustainably grown and harvested beech wood trees, this fine cellulose fiber has the softness of silk and the breath-ability of cotton. Micro-modal® uses a finer fiber than Modal that is lighter and even softer to the touch. This creates the luxurious knit fabric that we use exclusively in our "be-with her" T-shirts and long sleeve shirts.

Keeping in line with our focus on sustainability, this eco-friendly fabric is produced using a closed-loop process that conserves energy and creates valuable byproducts along the way. 

Environmentally friendly Tencel

This sustainable fabric we use for Her long sleeve top is  super soft, breathable and wrinkle resistant. The 7% Elastane gives this fabric stretch and even more durability. It is produced on a “close-loop system”, is which 99% of the chemicals in the process are recovered and recycled with minimal waste and very low emissions. It also needs less water and land that other fabric production. It is made from eucalyptus trees that don’t require pesticides.