"be-with" Loyalty Program is for those, who love to hug. Enthusiastically. Frequently. Devotingly. We care about our clients and we wanted to create a community where we are bringing them together and offering a variety of bonuses that increase depending on the achieved level.

 The Loyalty Program consists of 3 levels: Hug Enthusiast, Frequent Hugger, Devoted Hugger.

Level One, the level for Hug Enthusiasts.

To be an Enthusiast doesn't take much, you just have to show up! As with almost every beginner's level, the most important thing is to commit to starting. In this case - signing up (which you can easily do by creating your account). By doing so you will allow us to work with your provided data an reach you more easily to tell you all the amazing things right away. This way you can also receive a nice surprise from us by referring someone to our page (the referred person has to make a purchase for you to receive a bonus).

Level Two, for Frequent Huggers.

Here at be-with huggers are loved and cherished, and we want to reward some of our long time loyal clients. In our Loyalty Program for huggers, the FREQUENT HUGGERS are the ones who have spent more than 300 euros (combined amount from all orders) and with the basic referral bonus Frequent Huggers also have a possibility to receive additional discounts for big orders (10% discount for orders over 200 euros) and gift coupons (40 euro git coupon for order over 400 euros). Besides that, you also get an earlier access to sales.

Level Three, the level for Devoted Huggers.

As with previous levels, on the third level the referral bonus is still active, but the additional discounts just keep getting better! For orders over 200 euros you receive a 15% discount and for orders over 400 euros you receive a 50 euros gift coupon. Even more, additional bonuses like free express shipping (you still have to choose the express shipping, but it will not cost you additionally) and early access to new arrivals will be available, too! To become A Devoted Hugger, you have to have spent at least 600 euros in total with us. Again, all the orders sum up.