6 Simple Tips to Save Money on Post-COVID Travel Plans


When we begin to live with a loved one or get married, we are romantic and inspired by thoughts of a joint future. This is a time when sharing day-to-day expenses, possible financial pressures ahead, and other practical plans seem distant and insignificant. However, you may experience the first financial difficulties when planning your first trip together.

Of course, local title loans will always help you make your dream come true. However, many couples have a question - is it possible to accumulate a sufficient amount for comfortable romantic travel after quarantine?

If you think about why you can't save money and need the advice of experienced travelers, the dream can come true. There are ways not to waste all the money earned and collect it for the desired travel plans and save romance in the couple. Find out everything in our article!

Create a Travel Budget in Advance

Calculate the cost of your travel quarantine plans, taking into account the time remaining before the trip. Determine the amount you want to save, for example, 10-20% of your joint income. Now subtract that amount and your fixed spending from your income to get the amount you can spend this month. Think of this 10-20% as untouchable money, put it in a separate account, and don't spend it in any situation. It will save you enough money for one expensive trip or several cheap family vacations a year.

Refuse Unplanned Spending

It is the main rule for couples who cannot deny themselves impulsive shopping. For example, you weren't planning to go shopping on the weekend, but you did, and you bought some pretty things that you could easily do without. Yes, it is difficult to restrain yourself, but it is necessary.

Try to convince yourself that your romantic travel dream is worth the effort. You will have to learn to control yourself. If the thing that you want to buy exceeds 10% of your monthly income, and you can do without it for some time, then it is better to refuse it.

Book in Advance

The best way to save money on travel plans during COVID is to buy plane tickets and book accommodation in advance. For example, six months is enough. More often, prices before departure and those offered earlier are very different. Take your time, look at various offers and destinations, monitor prices, and follow promotions. Discuss it together and choose the option you both are satisfied with.

Control Income and Expenses

If you don't know where most of your money goes, and you can't make any savings, you need strict control over your spending. Try installing an application to monitor your spending and analyze it. You both can simply use it and add all your spendings so you can see the real picture together. You just need to honestly enter actual data about how much and where you spend money.

It will help you understand what travel plans you can save on. You might be surprised, but sometimes the minor categories of your spending take the most of your money.

Spend One Day a Week with No Expenses

This tip will come in handy both while on vacation and in everyday life, as it allows you to get rid of the habit of spending money unnecessarily. Pick one day a week when you both won't pay a cent. The muffin at the café around the corner and the usual grocery shopping can wait until tomorrow.

In addition, it will help you remember again that the most beautiful things in the world are available for free. For example, chatting with friends, watching a sunset together, romantic walking, reading your favorite book, and much more. If such a day becomes your habit, you can add another day per week and notice how your savings increase and you become closer with your partner. It is the best travel plan example you can try right now.

Plan Your Vacation Budget Clearly

Regardless of the amount you have, you always want to pamper yourself and your partner with something special during your vacation. Before you go on a trip, determine how much money you can afford to spend on your travel plans. The correct decision would be to divide the amount you decide to spend into weeks and days and transfer the rest of the money to a savings account, just in case.

When planning your vacation budget, be sure to include the emergency savings. It can be a certain percentage of the amount (for example, 10%) or a specific amount that you put aside in another wallet or transfer to a reserve account.


Summing up, we can conclude that the key to saving money for romantic travel plans for 2021 is strict planning. You need to plan your travel budget in detail and keep track of expenses and income. By following these simple rules, you can save up for a magical vacation with your significant other in a few months. We hope that our tips will help you!

What are your travel plans meaning? How do you save money? Please share your tips in the comments below.


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