Healthy Weekend For Couples: Top Tips and Advices

How to enjoy a healthier weekend with your partner

Many of us found a way to eat healthily and exercise during the workweek! But come the weekend we tend to get loose and indulge in cocktails, burgers, pizza, etc., and skip workouts! If you want to stay on track and enjoy a healthy weekend you came to the right place!

No matter how much we like what we do, we have to admit that working eight or more hours per day is super stressful and exhausting.  Hence, we are all looking forward to Friday afternoon and the weekend when we can relax, and enjoy our free time with our friends or partners.

But the thing is that even though we can’t wait for the weekend, many of us don't use this time to enjoy ourselves!  Do you agree? It seems that we either run around finishing the entire non-work-related thing for which we didn’t have time during the week or completely turn off our brains and spend this time in front of the TV or even just lazily browsing through the best hookup sites reviews.  We also noticed that we tend to forget about exercising and eating healthy during the weekend. Recognize yourself?

Recently we realized that this is bothering us, so we began to wonder how to have a healthy weekend. What are healthy weekend activities that we could do as a couple?  Determined to change the way we spend our weekends, we started thinking about this and created a list of things we can do!

How to Enjoy a Healthy Weekend?

Stay in Bed 15 Minutes More

You will hear from a lot of people that sleeping longer during weekends isn't healthy. But we are not talking about that! We also think that you should stick to your routine and wake up at the same time as during the workweek. However, the fact is that you are not in a rush on Saturday and Sunday. That means that you can allow yourself to lay in bed for 10 to 15 minutes before having coffee. You can spend this time breathing, thinking about what you are grateful for, or that makes you happy, etc.

Take Time for Breakfast

It should become one of your healthy weekend habits. Here is the thing. We know how important it is to eat healthy and all! But the reality is that many of us don’t have time for real breakfast during the week. Instead, we grab a smoothie or something in a bakery or a drive-through. Well, the weekend is the perfect moment to take time and eat a proper healthy breakfast.  For example, you can make peanut butter and jelly chia pudding, kale and butternut squash frittata, etc.

Spend Time Outdoors

You don't feel like going out, especially now when it is raining almost every day! Yeah, yeah, we know that you prefer to watch Netflix and grab beer and chips. However, spending time in nature is much more beneficial for you. If you don't feel like going to a park or something, you can think of going to one of the healthy weekend getaways. Renting a cabin in the woods is super romantic. Plus, you can go hiking, cycling, etc. It is also both healthy and fun!

Hug everyone!

Ok, maybe not everyone, but certainly try to hug people as often as possible. The truth is that we get super overwhelmed during the week with work and other tasks that we need to finish. As a result, we forget about the essentials of a healthy relationship, even during the weekend.  We understand that there are so many things you want to enjoy come weekend such as going for a picnic or a walk, watching a film, etc. But keep in mind that physical contact between people who love each other is critical. We would like to point out here that we are not talking about sex (even though it is super important, too). No, we are talking about spending time just simply hugging and cuddling with the person you love. You can make popcorn, pour yourself a glass of wine and lay on the sofa and watch a film while hugging the love of your life.  It is essential to know that besides being wonderful, hugging and cuddling come with plenty of benefits.  
First off, by hugging someone you show to them that you are there for them, to support, to show love, and care.  In fact, it has been proven that people who receive plenty of hugs have much lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. 
Second, hugging can actually reduce your risk of getting sick! Yes, in 2014 there was a study that revealed that those that hug each other more often are less prone to catching illnesses.
In addition, hugging can also improve your heart health, reduce pain and even relieve you of your fears and improve self-esteem! Moreover, hugging is one of the methods of communication that bonds you with the person you’re hugging, so might as well use all these benefits to your advantage, don’t you think?

Enjoy a Cheat Meal

You have been eating healthy all week, and now you have a craving for something greasy, or sweet, or simply put, delicious but healthy! Don't feel guilty about it; you deserve to treat yourself! But it does not mean that you should eat this kind of thing the whole weekend.

Spend Time With Friends

Indeed, when both of you are overwhelmed with work during the week, your first impulse is to spend the weekend just in two. However, it is also important to see friends and family. If you enjoy cooking, you can invite your friends for Saturday night dinner or brunch on Sunday.  If that is not your thing, you can go all together for a walk, hike, or cycling trip, etc.  Of course, sometimes it is also nice to go out in a larger group.

We came to the end of our text about how to enjoy a happy and healthy weekend. Keep in mind that there are plenty of other things that you can do. We listed just a few to give you an idea!  The most essential thing you need to remember is that this is time for you. Hence you need to make sure that you do only the things that you love and that make you happy! So, what do you usually do on weekends? 


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