Where Should You Touch To Love?

be-with gift touch research resultsResearch results on where do we want to be touched. Image source: Pinterest / Georgiana Marcu

During the years I have read many controversial articles on sex and love. People tend to be overwhelmed with sex. And I fully believe that relationships that are built on trust, that have plenty of kindness, understanding and generosity, will mean more sex. In contrast to having more sex toys, pornography videos or BDSM equipment in the closet. However, a huge part of kind and generous people seem to have less sex with time and that diminishes trust and the bond, and the toys are not helping that much, unfortunately.

So I figured there must be more to this than the emotional and the plain sexual, and there is! The importance of human touch is researched and a lot of us know about it and have heard about it, however, we forget it in our daily routines. I noticed that about myself too. I remember to touch my children, to give them a massage, to hug them and keep them in my lap, while dressing them. But we tend to forget this importance of touch when it comes to our partner.

Working on products and ideas for couples to keep their bond in the long term, I wanted to find out, which are the spots on our bodies that we really want to get touched. So here are the results we got from our 250 respondent interviews!

1. Back — 55%
2. Neck — 50%
3. Hands — 29%
4. Butt & hips — 23%
5. Head & hair — 22%
6. Shoulders — 19%
7. Waist & belly — 17%
8. Breasts & chest — 13%
9. Any — 11%
10. Legs & thighs — 11%
11. Intimate areas — 10%


be-with gift touch research results back
#1 spot for touch — Back — 55%. Image source: Pinterest / gaa.soup.io

Back is the most desired place to be touched. And it is easy to touch someones back in any given situation. You can start by briefly touching your partner’s back with your palm while speaking as if you are pulling them in to hear you better. It is most effective to do it in conjunction with a statement, you can say: “You are fun, I always liked that”. Use this touching during a conversation, if that makes it easier. Touching back can be very friendly and done in public too, friends touch each other’s backs all the time. :)

For couples in long term relationships, back is the most common body part to be touched on daily basis, to make it more convenient you can use special touch-through clothing.


be-with gift touch research results neck
#2 spot for touch — Neck — 50%. Image source: Flickr / hamid h

Neck is the spot that is super intimate, it tickles and it is not extroverted, so touching the neck will be great in a more intimate situation. Alternative to a touch is a kiss on the neck that you can give while hugging your partner from the front or the back. They will surely feel it and no-one around might even notice.


be-with gift touch research results hands#3 spot for touch — Hands — 29%. Image source: Tumblr / Fffingers

Hands are our extensions that are most commonly touched by other people. Nevertheless, they are important parts on our body and third most desired places to be touched according to our research. Holding ones hand shows support and encourages mutual trust, but it is also essential as stress relief, very practical. Hands are also the parts of our bodies that have most nerve endings, so massaging fingers and hands can be super-sensual.


be-with gift touch research results butt
#4 spot for touch — Butt & hips — 23%. Image source: Pinterest / Herinterest

Our results show that bottom and hips are the most desired places to be touched at by mere 23% of the respondents. This is a zone close to intimate and should be touched only in safe environment. Nevertheless, do not underestimate the power of a butt grab — it will make your partner feel wanted, sexy and might turn them on.


be-with gift touch research results head
#5 spot for touch — Head & hair — 22%. Image source: Pinterest / Searchinghearts

Touching the head and hair can be very emotional, no wonder over one fifth of our respondents have mentioned these parts as their most desirable spots to touch. However, we must keep in mind that the lips and tongue are actually the most sensitive parts of our head and even our body — they have the most nerves endings and thus french kissing should never be underestimated. It has not just emotional benefits, but also quite physical ones. In 2015 a Japanese scientist won Nobel prize for his discoveries on how kissing diminishes allergies. There is + 1 for kissing!

The rest of the body can all be touched and 11% of people will love it if you touch any part of their body! Shoulders, waist and belly, breasts and chest and legs are all great places to touch your partner. We can recommend touching them all and monitoring, which touches get the best response. Finally, it is not a huge surprise that only 10% are craving for a touch on their intimate parts, as those parts actually do not have that many nerve endings and these are the parts that we tend to touch in one or another way, while having sex.

I find these research results as a great reminder to me and hopefully to all of us, that touches are something that we all need. It does not matter that much which parts of the body get touched. It is the meaning and the message of the touch that matters!

I encourage us all to touch each other more often! Give hugs to your friends and especially to your partner.

Love and be loved,
Yours Anna
Be-with founder

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Be-with sweaters are created to remind us of the importance of touch and to provide a secret place for performing them wherever you are!

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