How to Prepare a Meaningful Gift for Your Partner

It’s not news that Christmas holidays have been overly commercialized and the burden of gift shopping sometimes makes us forget what this holiday is really about.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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With a little imagination (and a pinch of preparation), you can come up with a gift that carries something more than monetary value and practical use. In other words – a gift that you can still place under the tree, but with an added value that’s even more important than the thing itself.

In this post, we give you a list of meaningful and significant gift ideas that your better half will cherish and remember for years to come.

meaningful gift Christmas

Gift common experiences

A common adventure or a trip is probably one of the best meaningful gifts. Why? Because you give the most valuable asset there is – the time you could spend building memories together.

What to put under the tree: Create an improvised “travel package deal” – for example, a beautiful envelope with information about the trip that you’ve planned out. It can be the actual ticket to your destination or a photo/drawing of the activity you’ll do together.

Alternatively, get one of these beautiful travel envelopes or a travel journal with scratch-off maps. Add DIY restaurant vouchers (for the food your loved one adores), free massage coupons and guided tours by the best professional in the world – you! Don’t forget to spice the “package deal” up with some inside jokes and funny pictures of the both of you.

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Bring back precious memories

You and your partner have already had significant and unforgettable moments together. You can prolong or revive them by giving something that will remind about that special time.

What to put under the tree: Grafomap allows you to create custom map posters (or t-shirts) of a place of your choosing. You can adjust the design and the text on the poster and ship it to any place in the world.

Think about a place that’s important to your beloved or to both of you. It can be the city, country or village where you first met, got married or went on a special trip.

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Share your love

Wouldn’t it be great to present your loved one with a gift that helps your relationship thrive? Something that would encourage a loving touch and hug?

What to put under the tree: BeWith couples clothing has secret openings for touching your partner’s back. The creators of this sensual brand claim that these clothes promote touching and therefore the release of oxytocin – commonly known as the love hormone.

The best part – this is essentially a gift for both of you! You can also present this charming set of clothes to a couple that’s close to you.

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*A note from be-with: you can choose gift wrapping and we will also add a card for your convenience, no hassle in wrapping, everything ready for you!*

Show support for their hobby

The best gifts show that you’ve thought about what your partner likes and what excites them. You love them for what they are and want to support them, right? So make sure your gift manifests that.

What to put under the tree: This can be any item, gadget or accessory that helps and encourages your partner’s hobby.

For example, if your loved one is an avid traveler or often goes on business trips, think about something that could make his or her travels even more comfortable and pleasant. For example, travelers love the VELOSOCK luggage cover because it helps their suitcase stand out and protects it from scratches, dirt, and thieves.

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If your partner is a cycling enthusiast, the same brand offers stylish bike covers as well.

Give energy

Winter months is the time when we’d rather hibernate on the couch than make too many unnecessary moves. However, we need to keep functioning, going to work, raising kids and doing chores around the house. So for some of us, an energy boost will be the best possible present this holiday season.

What to put under the tree: If your partner is into innovative gadgets, surprise him or her with a human charger that “keeps winter blues at bay, increases mental alertness, and gives energy whenever you need it”.

Coffee Pixels” is another original energy-boosting gift that will absolutely delight coffee lovers. These edible coffee bars are rich in fiber and antioxidants, and their energy kick lasts much longer. Did we mention they’re delicious and handy to take with you everywhere you go?

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Gift coziness

If you are like most couples, you know there’s nothing better than snuggling on the couch in front of a good movie after a delicious dinner you’ve cooked together. So look for gifts that will enhance the feeling of relaxing coziness and warmth.

What to put under the tree: Why not go a bit weird and get them a pair of unicorn slippers with lights? If your partner is always cold, a snuggle blanket will surely make them ecstatic. You can even prepare a whole coziness package with some candles, bath salts, aromatic tea and your lover’s favorite chocolate.

If you’re looking for something more personal, order individually printed souvenirs via dropshipping sites like Printful. For example, socks, pillows, aprons and other homey souvenirs with your favorite joke or pet name printed on them will definitely provoke some “AWWWs” around the Christmas tree.

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Put some love under the Christmas tree

We live in a material world, but ironically – gifts that have something more than monetary value are those that make us the happiest. Get inspired from this list of meaningful gifts, and you can be sure that your better half will appreciate the emotions you’ve put into the presents.


Love you list!


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