How to Serve Her

People have the ability to grow, evolve and become better versions of themselves. Whether that's through life events or intuitive emotional intelligence, everyone changes over time. It doesn't matter if you've been dating for a while or married for years, the rules don't change and one thing remains constant: how do we stay connected to our lovers, to build better relationships?

"We're strong souls with soft skin, we love from the depths within."

If you want your relationship to blossom into a beautiful garden, you need to understand your lover. She's a complex creature that needs care, support and lots of affection. She's got to feel the support of loving arms, the wind in her hair and that soft lick between her legs, as you take her to new places (we know that we do).

Apart from enjoying soft kisses on the inside of our thighs, we want love made to our minds. From a small token to a grand gesture, there's a whole lot of ways to dig deeper into our mind, body and soul.

We're going to help you discover what brings her peace and pleasure. How to nurture and excite her.

The Four A's

"She just wants a strong cup of coffee, supportive arms and a smacked ass."

Let's start with four simple ways of serving her and becoming a better lover:

  • Attention—time is the most valuable thing in the world. Give her your time, as much as you can spare and signify that she is your world. Pay attention to what she says and listen to how she responds to you; introspectively consider how to engage back.

  • Adventure—she needs new views, new experiences, the beautiful sea or the stars in the sky; make her feel like she's on a high. From traveling in the woods to a world of new experiences. Everything is exciting just because she exists.

  • Admiration—what are her goals, dreams and everything else in-between? Admire and support her to accomplish everything that she wants to be. Support the choices that she makes, grow with her and help her flourish.

  • Action—Talk is cheap and we adore a lover that can put their money where their mouth is. We're not talking about expensive gifts but someone that goes through with

what they say, by committing and dedicating themselves to their lover's well-being. It makes them the hottest thing in the world.

Energy is Everything

Empathy is sexy, emotional intelligence is arousing and energy is absolutely everything. Vibrating on the same frequency as your lover is the most important way to serve her and develop a genuine, sustainable bond.

Through physical touch and being in each other's presence, energy has the ability to reciprocate and appreciate. Pour your love into places that she didn't even know existed. Feel her energy through your hands as you slide them across her skin and love the parts of her that she doesn't think are loveable.

Small changes lead to big results and improve the quality of your relationship. It's the little things, you know?

Keep being smashing this dark time,



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